Bito Sureiya: "Why Is Hiromi Dead" (prod. by Jumbled)

Bito Sureiya of nasa8 is probably one of the more unorthodox artists you’ll run into and honestly that I’ve heard over my decade of covering hip-hop. Bito is prolific however it’s one thing to be prolific and stay in one lane, but I think of Bito as a chameleon in hip-hop. Able to blend in with any sound or beat you throw his way (probably because he produces as well).

Through the course of this year it sounds like Bito will be releasing singles and random EPs. Today I have the track “Why Is Hiromi Dead” produced by Jumbled. Between the adlibs, the menacing beat by Jumbled you can’t help but crave more when the short track is finished. Peep it below and keep your ears perked for more by Bito & nasa8.