The Lasso - Heaven (Single)

As The Lasso prepares for his solo album "The Sound Of Lasso" to drop March 15th, we are excited to share another track from the gorgeous instrumental record he created. The new song Heaven has no actual words, but the weightless voice of Sam Cooper chimes in like gorgeous ghostly choir while Lasso plays synths, bass, and drums, in addition to his crew adding cello, vibraphone, and percussion.  The track glides like distant memories and evocative landscapes swirling past in the mind’s eye. The Lasso turns intangible emotions into a lush wordless symphony. This is that genre breaking electronic, ambient, hiphop instrumental to warm before the end of winter.  

"Overjoyed about my new opportunity with Mello, I woke up at 6am one morning and cut the drums, bass, and synths before I left for work. I had met cellist Jordan Hamilton in 2017 when he was working as a door guy for a Lando Chill show a year later, Jordan came out to my house in Detroit to work on the record. The first session we ever had, the first thing he played is the cello melody on "Heaven". I'm talking about moments here, Jordan instinctively knew where to take this. An incredible vibraphone solo from Dave Crider, percussion from Heavy Color, and vocals from Sam Cooper completed this 2 minute synthphony. This track makes me want to cry in a good way; the feeling of reaching a place you had imagined but never thought you would find. Put on headphones and let it take you there."
- The Lasso on "Heaven"