Al Divino Exclusives Still Arriving From Dumpgawd: Divino Edition II

Al Divino is striking while the iron is hot, and continues to garner respect in the east coast underground pocket of the industry. Cold bars and heavy flows from a bassy voice define his sound, while untapped gems define his catalogue. With recent releases like his run of Fishscale, Head Crack, and Danger! tapes, the Mass native has had a lead foot in terms of work ethic. With all of these tapes and more in consideration, Dumpgawd: Divino Edition II is a pivotal project in Divino's young career, and is surviving as a gift that continues to give.

In collaboration with Fxck Rxp, a limited edition vinyl re-release including red, black, marbled, and hand stamped original copies, the two parties revealed 4 bonus tracks that come with the package. Tracks include "Sulfur" featuring Estee Nack, "Disciples", "Edison", and "Blitz"—all produced by Al Divino.

Check it all out here, and peep some bonus tracks below.