Cam Randall - Talking to Myself (Review)

Cam Randall kicks off his debut LP, titled Talking to Myself, with the rapid and intense track “Got Bars?”. Despite being just one minute and thirty-four seconds, it sets the bar high for the rest of the album. His catchy verses carry over into the next track, “Fake Ones”, which utilizes some polished auto-tuned vocals in a way that fuses hip-hop and pop. "Mind", perhaps the deepest track Cam's ever made, delves into rare air; the discussion of mental health.

Although it features only seven tracks over nineteen minutes, there’s not a single second of bad music. He explores his more emotional side on “Move On”, discovering a slow and somber mood through details of a romantic relationship that truly reveals how impressively versatile he can be. The two features on the LP (Rico Cocchi and DK) are perfectly placed, and leave Cam enough time to show off his abilities. Randall has been showing substantial growth within his music, and the Western Massachusetts rapper really has put out a complete album.

Hearing him sing a little bit more than normal was really awesome, and his vocals are easy to listen to and vibe to no matter where you are. The production on Talking to Myself is flawless, with no poor mixes or messed up audio tracks. Everything is neat and done with a purpose, and is a very good release overall. Randall’s flow and lyrics are impeccable, and now fans can only look forward to his next release.