E.Bell Drops Off Bellyful of Liquor [Album Stream]

On what feels like his most complete body of work to date, E.Bell finds a groove with the release of his Bellyful of Liquor LP. 8 tracks of crooning and extended metaphors serve as a mirror to the life of temptation that the New Jersey artist handles day to day. Women, work-life balance, and of course liquor, run their course as weights on Bell's shoulders throughout the project.

He wavers between melodies and hard bars, using each side of his voice when he sees fit. The project's opener "Tabs" with C. Truth is infectious and slapping while tracks like "Nucleus" are a bit more somber and personal. The LP also features Sousa on the finale "Link", which features both artists working a hungry disposition. Bellyful of Liquor is a nice introduction to E.Bell, and an entertaining listen with some tracks to keep in the back pocket.

Dive into the liquor infused record below.