Fresh Daily: "DOPE HAT (HOPE DAT)" [prod. by Tuamie]

Fresh Daily is one of my favorite emcees to exist and of course like the majority of my favorites getting a release out them is a rarity. If I’ve been tracking things correctly we haven’t gotten a full length out of the New York native in almost seven years. Now he has dropped guest verses during this time from Fredfades to Scienze and plenty of other artists in between, Fresh has stayed busy.

I’ve been hearing rumors of “The Quiet Life 2” from Fresh Daily himself for years now…..and here we are still waiting. However today I finally got around to posting this video from Fresh Daily with Tuamie on the beat. Truth be told there isn’t much to say after that, I need a Fresh Daily album this year and if this is a sample of what’s to come, I’m red to go. Peep game.