Tek.Lun: "Blood" EP [Album Stream]

Maryland’s own Tek.Lun from the Nasa8 has been on a roll these last few years peep this: back in 2017, Tek collaborated with DrewsThatDude to put out “No More Favors”. A groovy and banger hard LP that showcased both producers underrated talents. The next year Tek proceeded to release his official HW&W debut in “Allow It!”. With an already deep discography “Allow It!” contained a balance of lighter tracks and instrumentals to dance to from his vault.

Here we are in 2019 and last month the HW&W artist gives us the “Blood” EP meant to hold us over with more music to come. The project is clearly and intentionally a lot darker than most of what we’ve heard as of late and I love it. Here’s what Tek had to say about the joint: “This project is chaotic and sounds almost like an apocalyptic ending to something. I was in an unstable place mentally, trying to purge all of my angst, anger and other dark emotions in a way. The sound is way more in your face and relentless compared to my previous works, but I want people to feel startled yet captivated with how raw it sounds.

Stream it below and keep it locked here for more on Tek.Lun, HW&W and the Nasa8.