Artist Spotlight: 7 Questions With Lamar Styles

1.Who were your biggest writing influences?

"My biggest writing influences are def king krule , frank , earl , Brent faiyaz , Lucy pearl , Benny sings , Toro Y Moi, homeshake , Solonge & fucking Rex and Francis and the lights. 
"I really just like those in particular cause they know how to capture moments write about it a simple way yet complex . I admire that!"

2.Why did you decide to sing rather than play an instrument?

"I actually did play instruments I was a band geek. I play piano & drums currently trying to learn the violin. But I started singing like 3 years ago slime season inspired me no lie thug is the reason I wanted to start experimenting with vocals . Def want to get vocal lessons down the road right now I’m just having fun with it."

3.What kind of things inspire you to write?

"Life in general inspires me to write. Just looking at my flaws , faults , and even the good moments. I’m just honest that’s my formula of writing real life shit."

4.How much do you practice singing a week?

"I practice almost everyday I really make or work on music everyday even though I should take a break.I’m just a workaholic I fr love this shit I’m hungry just gotta drop more music and I know I need to drop more music videos."

5.What was it like growing up in Atlanta Georgia ? And how has it shaped you as an artist?

"Growing up in Atlanta was cool it’s a nice place I’ve been here too long though I want to get out soon.But s/o all the goats from here helped shape me as a artist."

6. What was the motivation behind your latest project ? what sparked the idea to creating “Amy’s Lightsaber” with Tajiidagreat?

" Ok so Amy's Light-saber was just me basically speaking on girls treating me like shit and stabbing me in the back even though I allowed the fuck shit. But that’s what happens when you get out of a relationship and want to feel something no simp shit. But I wanted this shit to seem like a movie and Taji which is my brother is great and making movie type beats so we basically scored our own movie .and I’m only talking about tea shit on there the lyrics mean a lot to what was happening in my life that summer."

7. What can we expect from you this year and what’s next for Lamar Styles ?

"I don’t wanna say what exactly to expect but I def wanna outdo myself right now I’m focused on getting better and not keeping up With this face pace internet age. But I don't even know what’s next for me really excited to find out what it is though"

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