Zelooperz is 2 for 2 in 2019; Dyn-o-mite is Another Masterpiece [Album Review]

Detroit rapper Zelooperz is primarily known to some for his work with Danny Brown and the Bruiser Brigade. 2019 shows a potential shift in his legacy. Fresh off of February's Wild Card, he strikes again with May's Dyn-o-mite. The two albums feel like a second wind of creativity, as we are not used to getting so much from the Mo-town artist nowadays.

Dyn-o-mite brings a dose of left-field abstraction that simply comes as a surprise you didn't know you wanted. It brings with it a sense of curiosity for the listener; a sense to explore whatever sub-genre this is. An identity of sound so unique that no YouTube or Spotify algorithm would really find related music quite like it. The album is short, and wanes from harder, classic hip-hop sounds on tracks like "JayJay-Z" and "The Boys" ft. Mani Luv, to experimental cuts like "Smoking Chocolate" and "Love Operation".

An obvious favorite comes in the form of "Easter Sunday", a cheery, zingy sample-heavy track featuring Earl Sweatshirt. The track is summed up accurately in the first line from Z: "When my momma hear this I know she gonna be feelin' this". Produced by Black Noi$e (as is the entire album), "Easter Sunday" is a feel good record fit for anybody's ears. "Bootleg" speaks to a different narrative. It comes in with more grime, and almost has Zelooperz sounding like a relative of Gleesh.

All in all, Zelooperz proves himself to be too widespread for one sound, and executes this ideal without coming off as all over the place. The videos accompanying the album further certify his artistic merit. It becomes clear that the man has a direction he wants to head in, no matter how abstract it may be. Dyn-o-mite is a fun, quick listen, but it should not be confused with your run of the mill oddball rapper mixtape.

Check out the project and cop it on Bandcamp below.