Gucci Sid Glides on No Distractions [New EP]

South Florida continues its seemingly non-stop offspring of hip-hop artists who represent today's troubled youth. While it is easy to get lost in the mix, Gucci Sid does a pretty nice job of giving listeners something to go home with. Best known for his "Count It Up" record, Sid pretty much sticks to the script—smooth, swaggy delivery, left field banger beats, pitch shifts and other experimentation with vocal ranging. 

No Distractions is a quick window into Gucci Sid's universe. With 6 tracks coming in at about 15 minutes, the EP may not be loaded with substance, but it doesn't overstay it's welcome either. The intro features it's only guest, but it's a good one in A$AP Ant. "Fire" sees a high pitched, Young Thug-ish Sid grooving over a nice twangy guitar loop, while "Cookie" has a hard, burping bass that he raps over with more distinction. Overall the tape is a nice listen for first timers. Short and to the point with some nice moments throughout.