OK-Tho Premiers Johnny UniteUs "Things to Come" Video

Johnny UniteUs, one half of Tha Joint, locked in on a track produced by his cohort, teedotEinSof. "Things to Come" is fresh off of his most recent project End of the Year. OK-Tho's Jack Olear spontaneously linked up with the artist in his home base of Brooklyn and spun out a visual to give the lyrics an optic. Everything fell into place for the shoot, a sense of community soon consumed the video and the rest followed suit.

Serving as a quick insight to Johnny's persona, the track rolls and chimes along with relaxed, self-revering bars. When speaking on the record, UniteUs described it as "shedding insecurities for the new skin of self confidence and assurance as he looks forward to strengthen himself in the future".

Be sure to check out the Johnny UniteUs/OK-Tho collab below.