Zaia - RESET (A Visual EP)

21-year-old Atlanta-native and multi-faceted artist Zaia released his debut 5-song EP titled Reset. Prior to the release, Zaia has dropped two critically acclaimed singles, “BLUE” and “WASTE MY TIME.” The project explores the vast, complex range of emotions accompanying a breakup, with the aim of supporting others going through a similar experience.
Of the EP, Zaia shares: “I wrote Reset as a way to vent about the mental reset I had to go through after a long-term relationship. I went from feeling really happy to really depressed for a long period of time. I think everyone goes through some sort of ‘reset’ after something deeply affects the way they feel and think about things. I tried to represent the moodiness of the emotions we experience with each different track, that’s why they all have different energies in the production.”
Of the accompanying 15-minute visual, Zaia proclaims: “The reason I wanted to make the music video this way is because each song goes together to tell a story, or this rollercoaster of events. Visually we brought that to life, like a reenactment of the entire experience.”