5 Soundcloud Artists You Should Peep Out

Having spent time squandering through the maze of hundreds of thousands of artists who put their blood sweat and tears in their music looking for some notoriety, we have come to a list of underrated lyricists that we believe should get the attention they deserve.  Here are 5 artists making music on soundcloud that you should peep out.

1. Left Lane Didon

Location: Dover, Delaware

Music Style: Underground Hip Hop
Similar To: Roc Marciano, Action Bronson, Your Old Droog

Hip Hop Quotable:
"Burn and reemerge hit the zenith. I'm burning hella herb gettin weeded, shit is needed. Yo, love the earth and take it in til its completed. Live now cause tomorrow, shit we leaving"

2. Ice Lord

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Music Style: Gangster Rap, Hardcore Hip Hop

Similar To: Westside Gunn, Conway

Hip Hop Quotable: 
"Shout out to my dogs. Watch your mouth when you talking to a hog, cause when i catch you in person you gonna be shitting logs. You can be a gangsta or a n***a writting blogs, it don't matter. I'm certified I'm not a rapper"

3. WizTheMc

Location: Toronto, Canada

Music Style: Hip Hop, RnB, Alternative Hip Hop, Conscience Hip Hop

Similar To: Chance The Rapper, Logic

Hip Hop Quotable: 
"I just try to explain why, I had to go. Really tried to aim high. Cause you smelling dope like you K-9"

4. JusGoose

Location: Chicago, Illinois 

Music Style: Hip Hop, Lo-Fi, Jazz Hip Hop

Similar To: Mac Miller, Chance The Rapper

Hip Hop Quotable: 
"Gave all I had and I had enough. No good for me cause you're bad as fuck. Look like a dime when you bag these up. You can have it all get fancied up. Take you somewhere where they can't see us. Baby I'm a star so we can't be touched."

5. Sindian

Location: Los Angelos, California

Music Style: Underground Hip Hop, Boom Bap

Similar To: Roc Marciano, Evidence, MC Lyte

Hip Hop Quotable: 
"GI Joe hoe vamanos, bitch I'm holy ghost. Lift up a coast yeah I toast. For the green I do the most. Damn sick I'm GOAT, tie a rope."