Beautiful Scumbags Kick Off Their Run With "Gold Noose" [Single]

Miles Nxbxdy and Effbfabz collide to form the oxymoron known as Beautiful Scumbags. With a self-titled, full length LP ready to drop later this year, the parade to the release date kicks off with "Gold Noose". The single serves as the duo's 'fuck the world' anthem. A rebel against materialism and other parasitic trends in society, the Jersey artists link the self-indulged fluff and superficial habits to a dead-end—a noose.

The two split the song, and effectively share the same sentiment while doing so. Produced by JFreeze and Mayayo, the track buzzes with gritty synths and hard drums making for a fitting setting.

Listen to the Beautiful Scumbags spazz on "Gold Noose" as they prep for their highly anticipated album.