Jon Swaii - Can't Stay (Dir. @AddachyMedia) Official Music Video

Self-produced by Jon Swaii (@swaii_) and shot by Lord Dach (@addachymedia), “Can’t Stay” is a track about pushing through the pitfalls in life and reaching goals by any means. Swaii raps between thoughts on the highs of life when putting the necessary time in and the lows that are brought on by temptation.
Jon Swaii questions himself, “I don’t plan to lose/everything look better from the bottom/what you choose?” Despite the distractions of living in the moment and the struggle to make the right choices, Swaii knows his outcome can only be blamed on himself. With each choice he makes, he knows things won’t stay the same. With nothing left to lose, what he chooses to do next can only get him closer to the place he wants to be.