MiKE L!VE - Examples of ____ to Inspire You

Known for his connections to Raleigh & Asheville, North Carolina, L!VE just moved to South Carolina and this new collection of songs speaks to where his head's at. Featuring contributions from C.Shreve the Professor, Hunter, and Sk, the Novelist, this 7 track project asks you to fill the blank.

About the album, L!VE said: 
"Examples of ____ to Inspire You allows you, the listener, to fill in the blank and complete the title for what this project means to YOU. Whether you're waking up early to start your day or riding around town with the windows rolled down, these summertime vibes makes you feel good and press repeat all night long. So what word will you choose to fill in the blank?"

MiKE L!VE and Free The Optimus play in Asheville on July 27th at Hi-Wire Brewery's 6th Annual Carnival Party.