Prox Centauri - Reveries [EP]

Flint, Michigan’s Prox Centauri returns with Reveries, a 3 track EP that blends the contemporary sonics of today’s landscape with adept, golden era lyricism and complex, multisyllabic rhyme schemes. 

At it’s core, Reveries serves as an exploration of and meditation on the innate and often innocent pursuit of socioeconomic mobility. Conceived as a natural and logical follow up to his single Claud (a tribute to Dr. Claud Anderson’s probings of Black wealth and finance), the EP approaches the idea of affluence from a more intimate and introspective position.

The desires and motivations that creep their way into the collective consciousness of urban Americana are often passed down from popular culture and circumstance. The difficult question we must ask ourselves is how can we move into greener pastures while maintaining some semblance of moral integrity? When does “keeping it real” become complacency; and conversely, when does wanting better mutate into materialism? The Michigander doesn’t claim to have the answers to these questions, but he hopes to illicit joy and introspection in the listener during the EP’s brisk runtime. 

Unabashedly lyrical and representing Flint to the fullest, Prox continues to contribute to the culture he loves.