[SINGLE] REMI - 5 A.M. feat Whosane

Back with their first release in over a year, Melbourne hip-hop duo REMI share their latest single “5 A.M.” ft. Whosane, out via House of Beige Records.

Remi’s effortless flow on “5.A.M” sways in precise time to Sensible J’s organic and world-class production, the synonymous makings of a REMI release, multi-layered in both meaning and musicality. Crossing between punctuated raps and satin-like vocals from Remi, J follows with rolling percussion that crescendos to old-school R&B choruses sung by friend and collaborator Whosane. The pair perform in a method where both talents shine, their ease in collaboration a product of finessing their personal brand of hip-hop, soul and R&B across multiple releases and stages.
“I wrote 5 A.M. when I was locked in the house for a couple of days with the flu. I guess I was trying to get all the shit out of my body or something because my mind wandered to a toxic past relationship and I just needed to write about it. I hadn’t dealt with many parts of it, so there was a lot of real-time processing and redrafting before I could properly articulate the whole situation. Sensible J, with the help of Silent J (not to be confused), had already created the perfect beat-scape for me to vent over." - REMI
Consistently selling out their headline tours at home and across Europe, REMI continue to hold reign at the top of Australia’s soul and hip-hop sphere. The pair have had a number of stellar collaborations including the likes of fellow MC Sampa The Great, Manchester’s R&B/Soul singer, [ K S R ] and Jordan Rakei on their critically acclaimed sophomore album, Divas and Demons.

Having built a reputation for their incredible stage presence, REMI will treat UK fans to a run of shows when they support Black Milk in Manchester, Bristol & Leeds, before their headline show at London’s Jazz Cafe on August 15th.

With support from the likes of OkayPlayer, Billboard, NPR, award nominations including Rolling Stone album of the year, and a 2017 BET International Viewers Choice Award
nomination, as well as shout-outs from hip-hop luminaries Chuck D and Big Boi (Outkast), it’s not hard to see why REMI are solidly positioned as one of Australia’s best.