WesWill's Summertime Slaps, Volume 2 Is a 2019 Sleeper

WesWill brings a funky charisma to the table that is simply lacking in today's music landscape. His effortless, rubbery flow is on full display with his latest release, Summertime Slaps, Volume 2. The project supersedes Volume 1, maturing his catalogue in an extremely enjoyable fashion.

While tracks like "The Dogg in Me" channel a west coast G-Funk vibe, and "ptp" carries a Twista-like delivery, his Cleveland roots make the most sense when stepping back and looking at the project in its entirety. Wes at times sounds like a well-polished contemporary Bone-Thugs member, and shows the confidence to match. Rapid-fire bars and soul-prying melodies make the album as fun as it is. The skits laced throughout show a sense of humor from the 24 year old emcee. Every cut fits nicely into the next.

Summertime Slaps, Volume 2 is an impressive body of work from an under appreciated artist. Check it out below.