Dupizz Shakes Things Up With 'Chess Not Checkers' [New LP]

South Jersey artist Dupizz has independently grooved himself into a nice little fanbase while still showing promise for expansion. His graveled voice, bassy beat selection, and appreciation for high fashion and good weed are just a few qualities that make his music identifiable. Above all, they're good listens. Dupizz sticks to the script with Chess Not Checkers, but gives us the first grab at a full length project since his self titled. Ranging ten tracks long, his latest is sweet and to the point.

Cult figures like Lord Fubu, Grimm Doza, and TylerGoldChains all make the cut, giving Dupizz some new-look personnel in his catalogue. The grimy product is well-cohesive, and offers some strong insight to coast-to-coast, fast living. The machismo and overall sound of the project best lends itself to a bass-conducive sound system and being in a reckless mood. Dupizz holds his own pretty well on Chess Not Checkers, making it an impressive listen.

Check it out below.