[SINGLE] Outsiders Syndicate - Respect the Skills

Outsiders Syndicate is a Hardcore Hip Hop collective based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Active members include Lmt. Break (producer/deejay), The I.M.F. (emcee), Thor (emcee/producer), Jimmy Beatz (emcee/producer), and Decrepit 1 (emcee/graffiti artist). The goal of the collective is to promote the four elements of hip hop while serving a fresh take on the classic Boom Bap sound.

“Respect The Skills” is a track about growth and contribution to the hip hop culture. Thor delivers smooth flows over a jazzy and bass heavy beat produced by Lmt. Break, who also provided all the turntablism on the track. “Respect The Skills” has an easy listening, feel good vibe that pays homage to the classic era of Hip Hop while leaving the listener looking forward to what’s to come from the Outsiders Syndicate.