Beautiful Scumbags Drop Their Long Awaited Self Titled [LP]

New Jersey's odd couple rap duo consisting of Miles Nxbxdy and Effbfabz hands off their self-titled, Beautiful Scumbags. Blood, sweat, tears, and a lot of build up lead to the September release. The project serves as the first release from the two as a union, and ran the course of artistic perfectionism along the way. The LP flourishes in its high production quality, well-thought ideas, and overall character-like presence from the two artists.

Beautiful Scumbags swings from emo alternative tracks that run spaciously in sound to tracks that are explosive and grungy in their demeanor. "Honey" and "Antisocial" sit back to back, each featuring vocals from Solo Dolor. The two tracks exemplify the groups knack for loftier hooks with a more introspective tone. Conversely, "Bitch I'm Pretty" and "Back on My Bullshit" succeed each other with a bassier, grim, and bar-heavy mentality. Both perspectives, and everything in between, provide what makes the LP a dynamic listen.

Other features include "Kon Sweetie" a the track titled in homage to none other than Kon Sweetie himself. A hunch points towards more from the duo in the future. Beautiful Scumbags is a strong start. Support and listen below (available on all streaming platforms).