[EP] Musa Reems - To Whom It May Concern

The projects 4 tracks set a very dark tone overall; first being the wavy laid back title track “To Whom It May Concern (Lens)” (prod. weird inside) which serves as an introduction to the style and story for this project. The project’s purpose is to be an open letter from Musa to the listener about his journey as an artist. What he’s seen, what he’s dealt with, and what he’s learned. 

Which leads to the next two tracks “Nothing New” (prod. nk music) and “Zombies” feat. Mick Jenkins (prod. T-Jay Beats), that both include a similar eerie synth and dark presence, and speak on the fake and undedicated people that seem to always linger. The final track “Best Regards” (prod. AG beats) takes on a life of it’s own bringing a grit and visceral energy to conclude this project.