[VISUAL] Neak - Dreamer's Sadness ft. Taylor Iman

Dreamer's Sadness, sonically, is an ode to legendary R&B/Soul/Funk group 'Kool and The Gang' as I set out to design a musical landscape heavily driven by vintage synthesizers and heavy drums; writing about what life looks like when you're not living at your highest potential. Taylor Iman contributes by singing a beautiful alteration of 'Kool and The Gang's' Winter Sadness to pay homage to the legendary band.

Visually, Director's Robert Yanik and Megan Connolly designs a "day-in-the-life" mundane corporate setting that leaves me drained from the reality of not living and operating within my true destiny; musical creation! This true-to-life depiction encapsulates my mood, energy, and mental state of being tied to a career that doesn't speak to your true self and how it's weighing on me as a result.

 - Neak

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