Chore Boy & Brad Kemp - Mistaken For Granted

Chore Boy & Brad Kemp return with their third LP of the year, Mistaken For Granted, a 9-track tour-de-force brimming with Chicago talent. The project takes aim at belief systems & ways of relating that most people accept without question. Ever the contrarian, Chore Boy uses his deft lyricism to offer fresh perspectives & self-reflections over Brad Kemp’s sleek sampling & production. In an age of imitation, Chores and Kemp showcase creativity without limitation, and demonstrate their masterful command of the niche they have created.

Mistaken For Granted teems with speakeasy ambiance and a punk rock attitude, all ensconced within a half-hour hip-hop exhibition crafted to leave a lasting impression. The album features contributions from MoecyrusM.WhiseWilhelm DukeKasean, Aris POG DenzoTomCat TrumpetSuper King Reza & Pradia