[EP] Dusty Ohms - Waves From Within

Dusty Ohms has been a prominent feature throughout the history of Melbourne’s Uncomfortable Beats label, appearing on numerous compilations, remixes and DJ mixes. 

We’ve been anxiously anticipating the first full EP release from the British beatmaker, and are pleased to finally present ‘Waves From Within’; a 5-track project packing a heavy tide of wonky beats and cutting bass.

Throughout the release, you will hear samples recorded in Japan, blended with suitably mangled beats.

Each track was crafted on an old dusty 12 channel mixer used in conjunction with assorted analog hardware and effects.

‘Waves From Within’ is an ode to the rowdy high street in Dusty’s old home town of Essex, documenting a six-week time span between moving studio, visiting Japan and staying between friends living rooms back in the UK.