[EP] Prox Centauri - Qualia

Qualia is defined as:

The internal and subjective component of sense perceptions, arising from stimulation of the senses by phenomena.

It is fitting than that Flint, Michigan rapper Prox Centauri would title his latest release after this concept given his innate interest in cognition, consciousness, and the fundamental building blocks of reality. 

This piece is a brief exploration of sentience and sensory perception through the lens of boom-bap hip-hop. While it is impossible to succinctly encapsulate the complexities of such topics in something as pithy as an EP, Qualia is ready to probe these ideas through deep, multi-layered lyrics. 

As per usual, Ypsanti, Michigan producer Ace AP is at the helm of the atmospheric and spiritual soundscapes fortifying the release. Accompanying them this time is University of Exeter’s Dr Peter Sj√∂stedt-H (Philosopher of Mind and Ontologist), Noveliss of Detroit’s quartet Clear Soul Forces, Baltimorean poet Marc Marcel, and with cover art from San Francisco based artist Brian Pollett, Prox aims to combine artistry and intellectualism to create something that is poignant, weighty, and scintillating.
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