M-Dot "Days are all the same" (Prod. By HI-TEK)

"Each day’s a cycle, the pattern that we keep, all that matters is the moment, nothing matters in a week, ’cause we trapped in the maze." — M-Dot

The desire for acceptance has reached pandemic levels in a social media "like" dominated world... You find everyone looking down [at their phones] then looking up to see what's happening to the culture, most becoming painfully vacant-minded to a system dangling worthless products to the more than eager consumer. M-Dot‘s latest video-single "Days Are All The Same" paints a sobering viewpoint of these shortcomings. This social narrative is laced upon an eccentric Hi-Tek [Snoop Dogg, Big L, Eminem, 50 Cent] drum arrangement. M-Dot's sequel full-length "Ego & The Enemy: II" set for release 2020. #mdot #hitek #daysareallthesame #egoandtheenemy

• Written, Arranged, Mixed & Performed by M-Dot
• Produced by Hi-Tek  Animated by Steve Cutts