T. Calmese: Timing Is $$$ [Official Video]

Detroit's T. Calmese Shares Life Lessons In 'Timing Is $$$' Video

While embracing everything that’s happening in the present, this video represents passing on what I’ve learned to the next generation, and how everything in life comes full circle.” - T Calmese

If the phrase “hard work pays off” is true, it’s about time for T. Calmese to cash in on what he’s rightfully owed. The Detroit native has been playing it low key, working on himself, and honing his craft. Now, T. Calmese is confident that 2020 is the right time for him to remind everyone why he’s one of Michigan’s most decorated wordsmiths. Formerly known as Illite of the Subterraneous Crew (OneBeLo et al), Calmese recently joined The Black Opera collective. He also has joint projects with fellow Michigan emcee Octane (currently known as Ro Spit), and Vaughan T (of Athletic Mic League).  

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