Album Review | Damone Tyrell – Numbers Don’t Lie

This album was released on February 7th this year. Damone Tyrell is mainly known for being the rapper associated with Dead End Hip Hop. He got an official cosign from them around 2015 if I’m not mistaken, and they released his 2016 album, Who the Fuck Is Damone Tyrell? I didn’t review that album, but I thought it was pretty good. There weren’t any songs on it that I disliked, but at the same time there weren’t any songs on it that I really loved. He definitely proved that he can rap really well, but the actual songwriting kinda left something to be desired. I’m hoping that this project is a bit more ambitious and sonically diverse. I’m sure I’ll definitely enjoy it to some extent even if it ends up just being more of the same though. Every track is produced by Black Metaphor if I’m not mistaken, so the production should at least be pretty great. It’s also only 20 minutes long, so it won’t be a chore to get through even if it ends up sucking. I’m sure it’ll be dope though.

1. Numbers Don’t Lie

The soulful production here is really great, and the more personal content is pretty dope; this is a great way to open the project up because it gives you a great idea of where he is in life at the moment. Apparently in 2017 his mother got breast cancer and he quit his job in order to focus on his music career. He’s a husband and father now too, which I didn’t know before hearing this. The little hook on the outro was nice. I really don’t have any issues with this song; nothing about it really blew me away, but I’m definitely satisfied. This shit is dope.

2. Caint Even Hold You

This beat has a more traditional, boom bap style; it’s really dope. Damone’s voice kinda reminds me of Noveliss sometimes, but that might just be me. The production might have something to do with it. Anyway, the first verse here is pretty goddamn great.
It’s safe to say we work for Comcast, we in demand
I was looking for the beef, them sucka niggas cookin’ spam
We came to bring the flavor, your music is fuckin’ bland
I’m more like Kendrick’s albums, the bitches is yellin’ DAMN.
I talk hard, but I never been in the streets
The only punches thrown are the lines hittin’ the beat
The hook is simplistic, but it’s pretty good. After multiple listens, I kinda wish Noveliss was featured on this track just because he would fit perfectly over this beat. A remix would be really dope. Anyway, The second verse is even better than the first one in my opinion. He killed that shit. I feel like this song is really for the purists; not that other Hip Hop fans can’t enjoy it, but I just feel like this would be a purist’s favorite song on the album. Do with that what you will. Anyway, I think this is one of the better songs that Damone’s ever made. This shit is dope as hell.

3. Jordan VI

The soulful production on this track kinda sounds Little Brother-ish to me; I also feel like Freddie Gibbs would sound perfect over it. Honestly, there aren’t many rappers that wouldn’t sound good over this beat. Damone sounds like a really seasoned MC here. It felt kinda like he was still trying to prove himself on his 2016 release, but he sounds really comfortable here. I’ve always kinda felt the presence of a J. Cole influence, but this is probably where it’s most evident, at least on this particular project. The first verse was great, and the hook is nice too. The beat switch before the second verse was pretty unexpected, but it definitely added another layer of quality to the song. I think I like the second beat even more than the first one. The second verse was great too. This shit is really fucking good, and definitely a highlight on the album for me. It’s dope as hell.

4. Same Cup

This song has a more melodic, Trap influenced beat, but it doesn’t sound generic at all; it’s really great. This shit is actually catchy as hell. I kinda feel like The Game would fit on this track really well. Cozz would actually be a perfect fit as well. The verse from Damone is great.
Educated; went to college for money makin’
I dropped out, my degree was just bein’ wasted
‘Cause niggas want me in class, I’m tryna get the cash
Make a milli then I flip it back fast like my last
Remember writin’ rhymes and my mama would call me trash
But then she see me now like “oh boy, how time pass”
I’m always movin’ fast, I don’t have time to crash
Especially when my foot be on the gas
The song ended much earlier than I was expecting, so a second verse probably would’ve done it a lot of favors. This shit is still good though. I wish it didn’t end as abruptly as it did, but the production, hook, and actual rapping are pretty awesome. I fuck with the song.

5. Doubt It

The beat on this track is pretty amazing honestly. Damone’s flow here is really great too. I’m not really crazy about the hook personally, but it’s not bad enough to ruin the song. The first verse is really dope.
Lately I been on some other shit, nigga
Talkin’ ‘bout hittin’ the mothership, nigga
Free all my niggas from slavery
Came for the bread, dog, I’m robbin’ the bakery, nigga
His flow on the second verse is fucking awesome though. This is definitely another highlight for me. It honestly might’ve even ended up as my favorite track on the whole album if I liked the hook more. This shit is dope as hell.

6. 3 Weeks Notice

This song has yet another absolutely stellar beat. In terms of the lyrical content, this is definitely the best song on the album in my opinion.
I’m gifted; capitalism capitalize by capturin’ niggas
We were enslaved, locked up in chains; how is this different?
But look, people are stuck
Especially after all of these taxes that they deduct
My circle all black, going back and forth, and for what?
We skating’ on thin ice to get treated like hockey pucks
TALK THAT TALK, DAMONE. Yeah, this shit is fire. The hook is really great too. There’s honestly not a single aspect of this song that I dislike. I genuinely think it’s the second best song I’ve ever heard from Damone. It’s dope af.

7. 355 Cambridge

I’m just gonna go ahead and say it; this song is fire. The autobiographical content of the first verse is awesome, and really well written. The second verse is even better in my opinion though.
I was picked on from the jump street
Niggas jumped me, had to crunch teeth
Puttin’ bread around all sides, niggas lunch meat
Just because you hopped up on my track don’t mean you run me
Blindin’ when I shine, they be askin’ “how do son see?”
Of course Black Metaphor’s production here is phenomenal as well. The reason I said that 3 Weeks Notice was the second best song I’ve heard from Damone is that I like this one even more. Once again, I have zero issues with this track at all. I deadass don’t know what he possibly could’ve done to make this any better. I genuinely think it’s amazing. This shit is dope af.

This album is really fucking great, and borderline amazing to me honestly. I liked Who the Fuck Is Damone Tyrell?, but this shit blows that album outta the water. I was not expecting this level of quality at all. There’s not a single track here that I don’t like, and I can’t really say that I have any consistent complaints either. Black Metaphor’s production here is superb, and Damone has really come into his own as a songwriter. This isn’t the most creative or groundbreaking release, but it’s just really well executed. I’m so glad I listened to this project because I almost skipped over it. At this point I’m wondering what his next release will sound like since this is such a huge leap in quality from his last project. Maybe I should’ve expected that since it’s been about four years, but goddamn. This really caught me off guard. Don’t sleep on it. It’s super dope.

Favorite Song: 355 Cambridge
Least Favorite Song: Same Cup