Amare Symone - sooofly (Prod. by Lil Evo)

“So Fly” comes from a place of fun and an attempt to liberate through expression.
Amare is experimenting with something new over this dissonant harmonic structure and was able to create a track full of self-love and a healthy amount of boasting. This direction only makes sense over production (by Lil Evo) with such an infectious energy. 

A slightly detuned synth lays down a difficult harmonic structure that Amare breaks down effortlessly in melody, along with some fire bars. The consistently awe-inducing interplay of vocal tracks take shape within the track carrying her voice to everyone listening. Not only does this track boast her own accomplishments, but it also acts as a nod to any woman following their dreams telling them to be proud of what they’ve accomplished and who they’ve become.

This is the latest in a series of singles she has released in recent months and the first release of 2020.