[EP] Sleep Sinatra x Parish & Bird - NO ANTHEMS

New EP from Sleep Sinatra " NO ANTHEMS" fully produced by Parish & Bird (Wino Willy x Delicious Beets) of New Orleans, LA 

"This project is the debut of Parish & Bird a production duo comprised of members of Bag Season Records Wino Willy and Delicious Beets (New Orleans,LA) .Beets and I are both basketball fanatics and wanted to create a sound that incorporates that aesthetic with our gritty sensibilities. When Sleep Sinatra gave us permission to help craft a soundscape to compliment his abstract yet poignant rhyme style we knew that it had to stand out. We choose to dedicate this project to Muhammad Abdul-Rauf and his choice to stand in his faith which cost him his career. 

Shoutout to RolledGold Beats for help with the sound design on this project and Nowaah The Flood for the amazing feature and of course Delicious Beets for his patience and wisdom." - Wino Willy