Klokwize - There I Am (Official Video)

Hartford-born rapper / songwriter Klokwize is well known for his work with LA rap icons Suga Free and DJ Quik (2017's 'A Little Respect'), his many songs and features on ESPN-TV networks, and his breakout 2012 album Hood Hippie (co-produced by Dom McLennon of Brockhampton). 

His newest video 'There I Am' - laced by Sadat X producer Jeremy Ford - collects 'tour life' footage and studio liaisons from the past few years in an explosive edit by Benjamin Zidel.  Cameos pop up from past collaborators like Quik, Free, Buddy, producer Uncle Dave Foreman, battle rapper JP Cali Smoov, Living Colour bassist Doug Wimbish - and even Miss USA 2013 Erin Brady!