Lord Gremithy - Credit Score (Official Video)

Lord Gremithy aka Gremy Grem aka Durdie Furbie is a member of New England's Hip Hop group DirtyDurdie. He takes it back to his cultural roots with pristine visuals and an electrifying performance for his motivational song titled “Credit Score” (also referred to as “Street Cred”) filmed by Ben Gilbarg for Big Pictures Anthems. 

This video was shot live during the 47th Cape Verdean Recognition Parade on July 6th, 2019 in the South End of New Bedford, MA. within the neighborhood of Bay Village Housing Authorities. The parade ends here and community activities take place celebrating, preserving, and promoting Cape Verdean culture and it's Independence for the remainder of the day. 

Being of Cape Verdean heritage, as well as growing up in this neighborhood, it felt destined for Lord Gremithy to highlight this peaceful gathering. The song “Credit Score” is used to bring attention to the stereotypical stigmas facing inner-city youth in poverty-stricken environments across America with attempts to put a clever twist on the term “street cred.”