[SELF TITLED] Dueling Experts (Verbal Kent of Ugly Heroes x Recognize Ali)

From a lost chamber of a dark cavern, Dueling Experts unlock the most esoteric of styles. Chicago's Verbal Kent (of Ugly Heroes) joins forces with Ghana mc Recognize Ali for the new self titled album produced by Lord Beatjitzu.

“We are amped and ready to share our project with everyone. We feel we’ve captured something special here, and that launching our ideas through the Mello Music Group platform is ideal” Verbal Kent and Recognize Ali commented to Undergroundhiphopblog.com.  “The secret of Dueling Experts- we are two artists who have merged forces to create a new brand of Hip-Hop we feel people can trust. The score that Lord Beatjitzu presents is ideal and couldn’t represent or harness our energy any more suitably. Expect more of the same from us to come as well- this is just the beginning.”

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