[EP] Haley Urbo - Iridescent

Urbo’s debut EP
fearlessly reveals a world, love, mind, and heart that endlessly change hues based on perspective. The Boston-based singer, pianist, and songwriter reveals five tracks that reflect a myriad of shades and emotions through the lens of an all-consuming love story.
The simplicity of strikingly honest lyrics like “just as fast as the sun sets, you became my whole world- you became my home” and “will you let me down as easy as I fell for you” earnestly unveil a beautiful vulnerability that shines through her effortlessly
soulful yet intimate vocals. Mesmerizing melodies weave through an unconventional and intricate harmonic landscape, inviting listeners to enter an unusually captivating world that feels dreamy, reminiscent, and colorful. The sonically iridescent juxtaposition
of unique tracks that fuse neo-soul, jazz, R&B, mellow boom bap, and orchestral styles highlights Urbo’s innate ability to break through genre barriers to create courageously innovative sound.