Masta Ace - Globetrotter (feat. AKD)

"Globetrotter" was originally released as 1 of the 2 bonus songs on Masta Ace's "A Long Hot Summer" album CD reissue in 2015 via Below System Records. Today the single is available on all digital platforms. The song includes a guest feature by London based emcee AKD and it's produced by Brian Anderson. The other bonus song titled "GMO" will be released on March 27th!

"I had been sitting on the beat for over 3 years, just scheming on a way to use it," Ace says. "At first, we were going to use it on an eMC album, but we never got it done. I had a 16 on there and that was it. When the idea of adding new music to the reissue of ALHS came up, it was a no brainer."

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