[MIXTAPE] Seth Dollar - "The Tape Is On The Way" (@SethDollar)

Artwork by Simon Abranowicz

Born in Syracuse, NY, Seth Dollar is an eclectic musician often operating within contemporary Rap / R&B with each project serving as a “time marker” in the artist’s life. His music and entrepreneurial efforts began at the age of 14 while living in Miami, Florida where he would wash the cars of local hustlers for money towards studio time and branding materials. 

Seth has released albums It’s Only Right (2015) &  Vanity (2017) under his Children Of The Summer imprint and several notable singles including “Did You Like The Party?”, “Not Tonight”, and “23”, garnishing him over 50,000 catalog streams to date. 

Seth's newest mixtape, The Tape Is On The Way is a 13-track effort encapsulating the evolution of Seth's creativity and cadence, while delivering unapologetically honest lyricism.

Seth irreverently offers real emotion in his lyrics, pouring his life experiences into each track. Facing his own light on varying bright or somber instrumentals, meticulously pieced together by producers Riqq Boii, KO, Kienan Hartnett, Leonardo Marino, Major League Louis, Tanksley, Out-Doors, and Stephen Brown. Guest features include Ya Boy Majik, and Franko Black.

Stream the experimental body of work below, and stay up-to-date with Seth Dollar's forthcoming content by following him on Instagram here