[SINGLE] James Gardin - New Number Who Dis?

Michigan Artist James Gardin releases a new self produced single entitled  New Number Who Dis? . 

New Number Who dis? is a message to people who try to pidgeon hold  us  to who we  used to be and don't recognize your growth.  When people have known you for a long time sometimes it's hard for them to acknowledge your growth. This can be an issue of proximity  and or refusal.
Gardin says " I feel like I am growing everyday and each year feels like a reset. . It's annoying when people try to treat me like the person I've already grown out of. "

The braggadocios rhymes and danceable aggressive production of New Number Who Dis? will encourage people to lift up their head and roll their shoulders back, and walk in who they are today.  Feel free to add this to your workout , or morning playlist so you can carry the boldness you need to have a successful day.