Thaione Davis – Deception (short film)

Underground Chicago hip-hop pioneers Thaione Davis (MC), Rashid Hadee (producer), and Cos G. (director) masterfully capture the affects of 400+ years of deception African-Americans has experienced in America through enslavement and political oppression. In short-film format, Thaione's song "Deception" is the music video's centerpiece of his cultural ideology, life experiences, and mental anguish growing up black on the South side of Chicago. 

Deception is featured on his critically acclaimed Chicago classic "Still Here," and available on all major streaming platforms / Bandcamp. The double 'Still Here' vinyl is also available via Culture Power 45.

@ThaioneDavis // MC
@RashidHadee // Producer
@southsidecosg // Director
@goldstandardcollective // Co-Op Label
@culturepower45 // Exclusive Vinyl Label