Touch & The Dirty Sample - Psychometry

"Pandemics, telepathic transcendence/ Cybernetics, hella traffic, nanotechnics 
Cryptozoology that has effects ’n shit/ Missiles prove not to be that effective."
“Psychometry,” the fourth and final single off the acclaimed album Jawz from Touch & The Dirty Sample, is set 20 years in the future after humans have been ravaged by a killer virus. Enter a world of artificial technology, bio-synthetic entities, and government-sanctioned genetic manipulation. The only track on Jawz not in the present, “Psychometry” foreshadows the theme of Touch's next project, Electric Sheep, based entirely in the future. Further reinforcing that link is the unusually optimistic, chill “Psychometry” remix by DJ Matto, who also produces all of the upcoming Electric Sheep album. And the video, edited by Manley Pubik, is a mash-up of a few thematically-connected layers. “Psychometry” is a warning of what’s to come. Prepare yourself.