[EP] Reppa Ton - A Flower In The Pot

Reppa Ton born Jarrell Wood is a Producer, Hip Hop Artist and Director from Richmond VA. Reppa Ton started making music in 2006, he found music to be his life decision at an early age. Reppa Ton released his first conceptual album in 2015.
Reppa Ton is a student of the culture with his versatile multi- genre beat selection, lyricism and rhyme patterns. Influenced by 90s Hip Hop. The "IAMHAPPY" endorser finds his inspirations from past experiences and the sonic range of 70's rock music. In 2014, Reppa Ton founded the CompanyFTL record label to give his brand a home. From breaking radio singles; Timeless Ft. J-Leel, Coast 66 ft. DEZ to going on national headlining tours, Reppa Ton is nowhere near finished manifesting his destiny with multiple national successful music tours and critically acclaimed albums/eps.

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