FATT FATHER - King Father

Fueled By Life presents ‘King Father’, the highly anticipated
fourth studio album by Detroit veteran emcee, Fatt Father. ‘King
Father’ takes listeners on a personal journey through life. Fatt
Father searched as far as Windhoek, Namibia to make sure that the
production on this album was undeniable. 

There, he found the

soulful sounds of Namibian based producer, Becoming Phill. Marv
Won, Blizzard, Trox, Foul Mouth, Jeremy Ford, and Scud One, also
contributed powerful production to ‘King Father’ as well.
The 12-track album showcases Fatt Father’s growth as a
lyricist, conversationalist and as a father. 

With features that include

Melanie Rutherford, Finale, Quelle Chris, Fatt Father’s 11 year old
son, DJ Oreeyo, and more. ‘King Father’ is well balanced on every
level. Whether in the car, gym, or living room, this album is the
perfect soundtrack. After many projects and years as an emcee, Fatt
Father continues his dominant reign as King Father.