This EP entails 4 new interpretations of songs off my highly-successful / self-produced album, "KWESBAAR,' along with a brand new / unreleased song: "Nothing To Lose, Inner City Blues." Chicago wordsmiths Thaione Davis and Philmore Greene are featured as well.
Soaked in the elements of hip-hop, jazz, soul, funk, and driven by heavy synthesizing and collaborative instrumentation, I designed an album centered around discussing my greatest insecurities, internal fears, and multiple trials and tribulations through my walks of life as an African-American male in America. [broken fatherhood, political warfare, etc.].
One year ago, KWESBAAR was released on 04.23.19, and was received on levels I couldn't imagine. Achieving well over 30K streams within its first few weeks (between all major streaming platforms), it gained worldwide notoriety; reaching beyond my hometown city of Chicago!