Album Review (VIDEO) | Quelle Chris & Chris Keys - Innocent Country 2

Quelle almost dropped 2 of my favorite projects of 2014-2019 (he dropped 1) and he just missed my Mt. Rushmore for that time, but with this album it's looking like he'll be one of my favorite artist's of the 20's, and drop multiple favorites of mine for the decade. S/O to Chris Keys for the great production. 7.5-7.75/10

Of course, S/O to Mello Music Group (the real MMG) for being my favorite label for the past 4 years.

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Rating system:

X = 0-3. TRASH

(Blank) = 4-5, kind of a chore to listen to

circle/. = 5.5-7. It's ok to decent

Check = 7.5-8.5. Pretty good to fantastic

STAR = 9-10.  Masterpiece, INSTANT CLASSIC!