[EP] Henny Knightz - Random House of Evil

‘Random House of Evil’ is the 6 track EP produced, written and rapped in its entirety by Hackney’s own Henny Knightz. Henny is one half of duo The Knighthood Society featuring fellow rapper Nicki Knightz. Henny executively produced Nicki’s 2018 ‘Hate EP’ to critical acclaim, and has been covered by Trench Magazine, Earmilk, RWD Magazine, GUAP Mag and GRM Daily.

‘Random House of Evil’ is the soundtrack to an accompanying short story and was created between travels from the depths of East London to Brisbane, Australia. Henny’s avant - garde approach to alternative hip hop combines warped organs with deep 808 thuds to the chest. The pitched down melodic bass lines swan dive and rise up in a flurry of hi - hats, morphing into elegantly twisted samples. The lyricism paints startlingly vivid pictures, and when combined with the short story make for a truly immersive experience.

Alternative from its deepest root, ‘Random House of Evil’ has combated all myths regarding the glamorisation of poverty, depression and ‘the ends’. Split into 6 tracks that signify 6 rooms of a cerebral boarding house, Henny is forced room by room to eternally relive and narrate an agonising moment from his past. Triumph ensues as the project climaxes, providing hope of escape from the frustrations and tragedies of being imprisoned by your estate.

Pontiac Black