Hold On Stay Strong - Cynthia Scott

“Hold On Stay Strong” is part prayer, part invocation and part musical therapy to give us all the strength and a mantra to keep our heads while dealing and surviving through this virus and all of its ramifications. Dedicated to health workers and all service workers globally and people suffering in the ambulances on their way to the hospital. Hold On Stay Strong.

Cynthia Scott  voice
Jeb Patton  piano
Paul Beaudry  bass
Dwayne ‘Cook’ Broadnax  drums
Don Braden  sax solo
Bob Magnuson  sax
Bennett Paster  organ

Jazz, R&B and Gospel Influenced Singer Releases New Single “Hold On Stay Strong” As an Emergency Song. 
Known predominantly for her work with the iconic Ray Charles, Cynthia has traveled the world as an American jazz Ambassador. Her Career has taken her music to four continents with concert and night club performances.
Hold On Stay Strong is one of the tunes that was being recorded for a future recording called “Hear It For Yourself” that was still in studio production when the Covid-19 epidemic hit.
The production was put on hold until a stranger contacted Scott and requested she share the song now, knowing the song would give strength and hope to a world that was experiencing the devastating effects of Covid-19.
Ms. Scott decided to release the song finishing it online, as a single. The song is positive, the lyrics are poignant and the sentiment is heartfelt. The aim is to try to support people emotionally through her music, and to give hope and peace to people who might need it. 
It is dedicated to health and service workers globally and to all of us affected. Giving us an uplifting message to “Hold On Stay Strong” as we all navigate these very trying times.