[INTERVIEW] LuKeem on the Miami scene, his alias, growth, influences, and more.

Peace to the OK-Tho/Hip-Hop Community. Today we have an interview for y'all with upcoming Miami Hip-Hop artist LuKeem. I (Jab) have had the pleasure of knowing LuKeem and working with him for over 4 years now, so this interview just had to happen. Follow LuKeem @ForeverLukeem on Twitter

Thank you for doing this interview my man. We've known each other for over 4 years now so we've got history but for those not in the know, tell us about yourself.

No doubt g , you already know, we’ve been rockin since way back. But yeah Im Lukeem. I’m an artist coming from Miami , music has been a part of me since forever , it’s an outlet definitely.

Was there a getting into Hip-Hop/Music transition for you or was it always around when you were growing up?

I mean I remember writing songs young. I wrote a song for my dog that had died and i perform with a guitar (didn’t know how to play at all) for my family in the living room , I had to be like 5-6 years old.

The story behind how you came up with your alias is very unique. Could you tell the audience exactly how that happened?

“ LUKEEM “ is a part of my history where I get hit with Leukemia when I was young. I remember those times vividly, music was always something that carried me through those rough patches in my life , always. 

What exactly is the main reason you decided to pursue creating music?

Main reason I started , is because 1. I knew I had SOMETHING, one of the first things I discovered about myself when it came to songs & trying to create one is that I knew had a melody. And if I find a melody I can find a song.

You took a small break from creating music and came back after throwing parties and events. What did you learn about music from those experiences?

I took a break from the music , i had been doing music straight since Summer Of 2012 , the break was to really figure stuff out in my personal life & with the music in the midst of that , my manager at the time started a company which he wanted to do events and parties under. I took some time to help him navigate with that. From dealing with that side of the entertainment world , you see more of business versus being an artist who only sees his work. I was exposed to a lot , been in meetings with different types of entrepreneurs , successful business owners & so on. It taught me how to move.

How'd you go about making and performing your music when you first started out? Did you have a specific application? Were you at local venues you knew of or found out about?

When I first started taking it seriously I recorded in my room every day for months, I knew had to focus on my craft so that was my focal point that first 1-2 years. Then I found my first show, I’ve probably done about 30 shows since.

Who are some of your musical influences?

I listen to a little bit of everything & everybody. from bob Marley , drake , uzi , durk , I got old soul so you might hear me bumping zapp & roger , sade, Michael Jackson then I may play some old Kid Cudi , old Asap rocky shit like that.

How do you feel about the current scene in Miami atm?

Its Up. the music coming out is dope , we talented down here . Its Alot of potential in the city. I just feel like The music scene has kind of collapsed a little bit from different shit happening.

What's the future looking like for Lukeem? New project? Maybe a tour when things settle down with this virus?

New Project This Month called “ Everybody’s Depressed “ it’s A 7 Song EP , It'll give people a look of inside my mind & Also what I’m about & what I stand for.

Before we go, is there anybody or anything you wanna shout out before we go?