Joshua Luke Smith | Meaningless

Visual for the lead track from Joshua Luke Smith's new mixtape 'Beats And Pieces; Vol. 2'. Josh wrote and produced the mixtape in under a month in reaction to a life-affirming period in Feb/March - after 2 weeks that saw his wife and father admitted to hospital and then the Covid-19 crisis hit the world. He found himself writing the tracks in hospital waiting rooms and recording the mixtape in under a month at home. The resulting project is a celebratory collection of songs, calling to all on humanity to sit back and take in just how lucky we are.

“The songs were penned during an intensive four-day stint in the hospital where my wife was undergoing unexpected surgery at 28 weeks pregnant. My dad was having surgery to remove cancer and the Covid-19 crisis consumed the news. Rejecting the choice to retreat into the questions of ‘why’ I leant into the ancient wisdom of spiritual writers, echoing the chorus ‘what a gift it is to live at all’. This project is both for the existential crisis and the moments of awe-struck wonder because sometimes, in the midst of both calamity and clarity the only fitting words are ‘Thank you’.”

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