[EP] J. Lamotta - Brand New Choice

On the back of two recent video releases for the 'Can't Refuse' and 'Hope So' singles, Berlin based Israeli/Moroccan artist and producer J.Lamotta shares her 'Brand New Choice' EP, out Friday 26th June via Jakarta Records.

Moving on from the organic sound of her retro band album, 'Suzume' (2019), the new EP shows fresh flavours in her music and contains contributions from a variety of producers. Brand New Choice’s futuristic rnb sound is achieved through extensive use of synths and up-to-date rhythms and makes it Lamotta’s most contemporary release so far. The singer/producer’s previous releases have focused on lyrics and personal delivery, and Brand New Choice follows a similar path as Lamotta expresses her life experiences and thoughts through her work, and reveals a liberal, independent and robust thinker that uses her music to speak out. The release also celebrates her special connection to Japan, where she has gained a loyal fan base and recorded the songs that were later produced in Berlin, Germany.

Speaking about her EP rationale, J.Lamotta adds: "Life is a matter of choices and when things got complicated, I found myself swimming in a sea of questions. I understand that every butterfly oscillation in a distant forest has an effect on us, so surely our choices and actions, too. Brand New Choice was a safe zone for me to express all my questions and the things I didn't understand, and by creating it, I made my brand new choice."